Best Place to Grab a Taco and Dinner for Your Kid When You’re Hungry and Stuck in Mt. Pleasant Because All of the Bridges Are Closed

By Leah Rhyne
Charleston City Paper Staff Pick

You know those nights where some crazy guy camps out on the Ravenel Bridge with a car decorated to look like a bomb? And then all the other bridges have to close to make sure no crazy guy with a bomb-like car is camped out on them, too? Yeah, they happen, and you have to make the best of them. So next time you’re stuck in Mt. P with a hangry kid and no hope of making it home for the next three hours, head to Triangle Char & Bar, a surprisingly kid-friendly place. With crayons and a menu on which your little one can draw, plus big-girl drinks for Mommy, you’ll be able to fill both your bellies with locally grown food, and have a good time doing it. And then, when the bridges finally open, you can head home happy, knowing you’ve just had another great experience at a great local restaurant.

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