Trianglosophy & Community

While we have your attention, here are a few things we think you may want to know about us. Triangle is not just a restaurant, it is a culture built around a few principles that drive its very existence. We try hard to do things a little differently, a unique spin if you will. It is this discipline that has allowed us to create one of the best burgers and menus in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our Commitment to Food | Best Burger in Charleston, SC
We believe to be a great restaurant, you need to have great food. We make great strides to be creative and fun in the kitchen while sourcing as much as we can locally. Our grass fed, grain-finished beef is raised on grass but spends the last few of months of life eating grains to add more fat to the meat.  All our beef has been vegetarian-fed, humanely raised and given no hormones or antibiotics. This is important to us!

Dedication to our Community

We believe that to be a productive member of a community, we should use any resources available too give back. To this end, we continue to support:


We pay attention to our environment and the impacts our actions have on it. Being a good steward is always forefront in our decision-making process. We recycle all glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and cooking oil…as well as light bulbs, batteries, and computer equipment. We compost all paper and food waste. We repurpose items in our restaurants’ design – things like old car and truck hoods for tables, discarded pallets for wall coverings, old booths remanufactured to be like new again. We use LED lighting, post-consumer recycled to-go boxes and more.


Our use of local tradesmen, artists and creativity in our design creates a high energy, fun environment. When you visit us, we want you to relax, have a pint of beer made from a craftsman, a locally-sourced meal prepared with creativity and good health in mind and to feel like you’re being treated at our home. Please give us a chance to show you US, we think you will appreciate our efforts.